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Master Feature List

Dynamically associates your chosen domain name to your current IP address. By resolving your dynamic or static IP address to a domain name, DNS2Go makes it possible to access remote computers, operate your own web, FTP or email servers.

The DNS2Go Multiple Domain Manager groups your domains under one intuitive interface. Log on to the DNS2Go service with one domain and all of your grouped domains will point the same IP address when you are online. Log on to the DNS2Go User Profile to take advantage of this feature.

Redirect HTTP (web) requests to a port other than the Internet standard, port 80. Your web server must be configured to listen on the specified port. Redirection is transparent to visitors and overcomes ISP's blocking port 80. HTTP redirection is included at no additional charge for all DNS2Go users.

DNS2Go supports all types of domain names, including: .com, .net, .org, .ca, etc. Registered top level domain names can be used with DNS2Go at no additional cost. Users without top level domains may either use a DNS2Go domain name (e.g., .dns2go.com, .d2g.com, etc.) or purchase a top level domain name through Deerfield.net.

Server Monitoring Pro Feature
Monitor the server or service you are hosting with DNS2Go. DNS2Go servers test your domain name on the port that your server is running on. If your domain name cannot be reached on this port you are immediately notified, ensuring that you are the first to know if your server or service is inaccessible. You can also be notified when your server becomes accessible again.

Domain Monitoring Pro Feature
Monitor the domain name you are using DNS2Go. You are immediately notified if your domain name goes offline, due to connectivity issues or if the computer DNS2Go is installed on goes down. You may also be notified if your domain name comes back Online.

IP Monitoring Pro Feature
Receive immediate notification if your IP address changes. This feature is often used to host applications that require an IP address at a location that has a dynamic IP address.

Notifications Pro Feature
When a Server Monitor, Domain Monitor or IP Monitor is triggered a Notification is sent via email to the address you specify. These email Notifications can be used to trigger pagers, cell phones or most any mobile device.

Priority Support Pro Feature
Professional account purchases include an annual Priority Support Contract, which allows users to contact technicians directly via live web based chat or priority level email support.

Custom A Records Pro Feature
Redirect different requests for your domain name to different IP addresses. For example, if you are hosting your own web server using DNS2Go for dynamic IP resolution but would like FTP requests for your domain name pointed to an offsite location, you may create an A record for your domain (ftp.mydomain.com) to point to a designated IP address (e.g., All other requests for mydomain.com will still point to the wildcard address; only requests for ftp.mydomain.com will be redirected. There is no limit on the amount of A records you can create.

Custom C Records Pro Feature
Redirect different requests for your domain name to different host names. For example, if you are hosting your own web server using DNS2Go for dynamic IP resolution but would like purchase requests at your web site redirected to your order processing system provider, you may create a C record Alias for your domain (shop.mydomain.com) to redirect to a designated host name (e.g., orderprocessingpartner.com). All other requests for mydomain.com will still point to the wildcard address; only requests for shop.mydomain.com will be redirected. There is no limit on the amount of C records you can create.

Custom MX Records Pro Feature
MX records point email requests made on the Internet for your domain name to a specific location where mail will be received. Custom MX records allow you to manually specify where email destined for your domain name will be sent. Primary (e.g., 10) and secondary (e.g., 20 and 30) MX records can be configured independently, allowing you to specify an order of preference, where mail will be sent first for your domain, then alternate locations if the first is not available.

Domain Groups allow users to select multiple domains within their DNS2Go account that will all point to the same location. Whenever any one of these grouped domains is Online using the DNS2Go client software all of the grouped domains will point to this same location, streamlining administration and domain configurations. Multiple Domain Groups allow users to create multiple groupings, pointing separate groups of domains to separate locations via single DNS2Go installations for each group.

The Account Manager allows DNS2Go users to take complete control over their domain name records, subscriptions, domain lists, web options, email options, domain groups and much more, all from an intuitive web-based interface that can be accessed from anywhere. The new Dashboard displayed upon login provides one click access to the most popular features and options, greatly simplifying Account Manager navigation, and provides users with an at-a-glance view of all of the things they can do with their DNS2Go account. Also included is a Windows-like tree menu that logically presents account and domain options, and makes multiple domain account administration simple.

When connected to the DNS2Go service, redirect visitors requesting your web page to any other website.

Specify how your offline status is handled. Visitors to your domain can be directed to the default DNS2Go offline web page, another website, or a static IP address.

Monitors and logs DNS2Go client connect, disconnect, and improbable error activity.

Regardless of your operating system, you can put DNS2Go to work for you. The User Login on the DNS2Go website lets you set your domain to point to your current or remote IP address.

The DNS2Go client for Microsoft Windows can start up along with your computer, even if you have a network and no one is logged in.

Allows the DNS2Go Client, if running behind a proxy server or firewall, to detect the status of the current Internet connection before attempting to go online.

Gives you the option to automatically synchronize your local system clock with a number of Internet Time Servers, convenient for hosting a time critical file server.

With an easy-to-use auto-dial feature, you can schedule DNS2Go to connect or disconnect to/from the Internet at specified times; making your servers available whether or not you are at the computer.

Requires no port mappings and thus assists in maintaining the DNS2Go Client behind any firewall/proxy that uses SOCKS v5.

DNS2Go detects if your computer is connected to the Internet through a variety of connection methodologies, such as SNMP, RAS and Gateway Extensions.

Assists you in getting the most out of DNS2Go in the shortest amount of time. Information is included on how to get started with setting up a web server, FTP server, mail server, and much more.

Obtain top-level domain ownership details and name server associations through this conveniently located tool within the DNS2Go client.

View all ports on which your computer is listening, including any active TCP/UDP connections.

Utilize Ping to diagnose the status of a specific host or perform a Traceroute to identify the path from your computer to a destination.

Save time by deploying your DNS2Go Client configurations to multiple computers.

Anything typed before your DNS2Go Domain Name (e.g. mailflow.me.dns2go.com) resolves to the same IP address as your base DNS2Go Domain Name.

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