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Email Routing

Email Routing for DNS2Go - an email service available to DNS2Go customers that may be utilized as backup email service, email hosting, email forward or a means around ISP port blocking.

For only a few US pennies a day, this comprehensive Email Routing service provides Antivirus protection, spam filtering, message routing options, and the ability to manage your own account via an easy-to-use, web-based Admin console.

Email Routing includes:

Antivirus Protection - email sent to your domain is scanned using the latest in AntiVirus technology, ensuring that your email traffic is virus free.

Spam Protection - email sent to your domain is processed through leading spam filtering technologies that effectively reduce spam without causing false-positives.

Email Redirection

  • Problem: You run your own mail server in-house but cannot presently safeguard against losing mail if your mail server goes offline
  • Solution: Using Email Routing, you may specify that during any period in which your mail server is offline, all mail sent to your domain is received and stored on the DNS2Go email servers. When your mail server returns online, mail collected on the DNS2Go mail servers is automatically dequeued or sent down to your mail server. This feature is also useful for those who prefer that all email sent to their domain is collected for them and available for download at their at their convenience.
  • Problem: Your ISP is blocking port 25, impeding your ability to send or receive email to your mail server
  • Solution: To solve for this problem, DNS2Go's Email Routing service allows mail administrators to send and receive email through the DNS2Go mail servers, dequeuing the mail to their own mail server at scheduled intervals via a non-standard, unblocked port.
Email Hosting
  • Problem: You are NOT running an email server, but would like full access to email accounts for your domain.
  • Solution: Messages sent to your domain are collected on the DNS2Go email servers. The standard Email Routing service includes 6 accounts, allowing you to create separate accounts for individual users, and access to a Web Mail service hosted by Deerfield Communications, Inc. Email messages can be also be downloaded using a standard email client like Microsoft Outlook.
Email Forwarding (Also available separately)
  • Problem: You are NOT running an email sever, but would like messages sent to your domain to be redirected to an existing email address.
  • Solution: Any message sent to your domain is redirected to the email account you specify.
These services combine to provide the most comprehensive email package available, at the low price of $84.95 per domain per year.

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